Since all my unlocked planets had rubbish Deluge high scores of about 50,000, I decided to bump them all up to at least 60,000. Which is still rubbish, but some of them are now 70,000 or higher. Which, again, is still rubbish.

Tried to beat my 100 Meteo Time War time of 9.17 seconds, but failed. Mostly got times of about 10.50. Did manage to bring my 1000 Meteo time down to 1:47 from 3:03 though, which was good. Beat my scores for 2:00 Time War (now at 72,000ish) and 5:00 Time War (now 162,000ish), however.

With all that play, I’d managed to acrue enough meteos to unlock two more planets, so got scores of at least 60,000 for each of them. Played various Deluge planets trying to gain meteos in the hope I could unlock more, but after getting some 2,000 of almost every meteo type (except Dark, Glow, Soul and Time), nothing else became unlockable.

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