Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Two more levels completed now – both set in 2052 or something. Some more gaming in-jokes here too, with you picking up a lab suit and being called “Gordon” (from Half-Life), and some Doom 3 type sections too. And mutants who explode themselves at you. Nice.

Oh yes! There’s a cleaning robot you activate too, not unlike the skutters from Red Dwarf, and plenty of Robocop bits. Excellent. And forget two Cortezeses, as one of the sections has four. BEST.

So, following a blunder by Cortez (basically outlining to Jakob Crow, the evil baddie, what his world domination plans should be before he thinks of them – duh!), I’m now even further into the future. And it’s all gone Terminator. Hurrah!

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