Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Missions 10-13. One of them, 11, against Yellow Comet was a bit tricky, until I found the obvious weakness and stormed it. It didn’t seem to matter that I was hopelessly underpowered in the end.

There was a Fog of War one too, which I almost lost due to not realising that under the fog, there might be ranged weapons. There were, and they wiped out my infantry. With no factories, I couldn’t create more, and, even though there were factories on the map to take over, I had no infantry to do it. Tch. Luckily, I had two teams, and although it took a while, I finally built up the weapons of Blue Moon and sent in the cavalry. Hurrah! Pwned!

12 and 13 seemed quite a bit easier for some reason. There have been a few new things added since the first Advance Wars, although how many are new to this, and how many were new in Advance Wars 2 I don’t know. Com towers, black crystals, Neotanks, missile silos, black boats, etc. It makes it all slightly more confusing. But ACEBEST.

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