Manhunt: MANAGED!

Manhunt: MANAGED!

Had a few hours play on this today, and, although the storyline improved from pointless killing to killing for a reason, the mechanics of the game didn’t, really. There was some killing in a factory, then some killing in a lunatic asylum, then some killing in a prison, then some killing outside a prison. Then, killing in a street, killing in an apartment, killing on the Subway, killing on a railway sidings, then some killing in a big mansion.

Then there was a pigman to kill, and the game went wrong and I couldn’t coax him into a trap as he refused to see me even if I punched him in the face, so I had to reload.

Then there was more killing, and the end “boss” was chainsawed to death. And the end happened. Thank god.

I had also unlocked a Timesplitters-inspired bonus level, where I had to escape from the zoo, which was filled with shotgun and machete wielding monkeys. Nice. Played that for a bit, and it was better than the whole of the rest of the game put together.

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