Viewtiful Joe 2

Viewtiful Joe 2

Reel 5 – Ice Edge. Look, even the names of the levels are like real actual films. How clever.

And, it’s the obligatory platform game ice level. Snowballs and avalanches abound. On one bit of the level, you have to roll a snowball around to make it bigger, and then use it to block an air vent to pass by. There’s a cable car section too, and then, the BEST THING EVAAR – an Ice Climbers bit. It even has an almost recognisable version of the Ice Climbers music. I wonder if the PS2 version has that? I can’t see Nintendo being happy if so. But then, they are in bed with Capcom half the time.

A section of this reel was an underwater Six Machine shoot-em-up bit, which was pretty simple. Drill Sergeant Big John showed up again, but was soon dispatched.

The end of level boss was “Frost Tiger” – a snow-based version of Fire Leo from the first game. And, like many of the other bosses so far, really slow to kill off. I must be missing something, I think.

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