Viewtiful Joe 2

Viewtiful Joe 2

Reel 6 – Do Androids Dream of Romantic Scene? I don’t care, but what I do care about is the sodding SuckySuck(TM) bit that is the entire reel. Yes. Why do games designers think that recycling all of the game’s bosses and throwing them at you one after another is a good idea? There is some stupid bit of story behind it this time, with “Miss Bloody Rachel” (no, that is her name) the android morphing into copies of all the previous bosses and attacking you. Until she learns about “heart” in a vomit inducing bit.

First off, she’s Drill Sergeant Big John, then the gollum “Flinty Stone” (guh), then Cameo Leon, and finally Frost Tiger. All of which were harder than previously, mainly as you can only attack them now during their “intended” weak-point-exposed bit, rather than just hit them at any time (for less damage, though).

After her, Dr. Cranken attacks, as a Doctor Octopus rip-off (well, he is an octopus/plug hybrid) and then as a spinny drill thing. Luckily, he was easy, and it was on to Reel 7 – “Starship Viewties”.

And guess what? It’s set in space! And guess what else? The SuckySuck(TM) machine rolls on, with more Big John, and the giant statue thing from the middle of another level. There are also a few puzzley sections, where you have to kill baddies strategically (by kicking or punching them into things), and a bloody hard by-the-clock hit-all-the-buttons bit. There’s a few auto-scroll bits too, including one into the screen, where you have to jump or dodge girders. Then a maze of spiked platforms. And MILLIONS of baddies. Finally, a save game point.

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