Viewtiful Joe 2 – VIEWTIFULLY DONE!

Viewtiful Joe 2 – VIEWTIFULLY DONE!

End of game boss time! Almost! A black almost-clone of Joe appears, who has a bit of a gloat, then gets into a HUUUUUUUUGE robot. You know the robot battle from Viewtiful Joe? Where your robots are about the size of earth? Well, this time you and “Ultra Black Behemoth Dark Kaiser” are bigger than the sun. In fact, the baddie spends most of his time standing on the sun, and you run around the solar system’s asteroid belt avoiding the planets chucked at you.

Anyway, he was killed, and it was onto End Boss Part 2. You’re back to normal size, but Kaiser has absorbed the Rainbow Oscars and become like a white Joe – “Dark Hero Jet Black”. And Joe has no powers…

Until [spoiler]! And then he does! And Jet Black is defeat0rated! And the game is won!

After the credits (which included some “outtakes”, and Frost Tiger saying “I’m Tony the Tiger, and these frosted flakes are Grrrreat!!”), I played “36 Chambers” mode. The main game unlocks the chambers at certain points, and each chamber has some kind of challenge. It was OK, but a bit dull. On to Viewtiful Joe 3 now then. Well, as soon as they write it, anyway.

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