Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Marathon session on this today, whipping through several missions without breaking a sweat.

Missions 23 to 26 were actually pretty easy, and I managed to S-Rank them all on my first go on each. One of them was a strange concentric ring arrangement, with a moat then a mountain range separating each “ring”. This made it hard to run supplies around the place, as there were only factories on the outer ring. There was also a volcano in the middle of each of the two fronts. Despite losing the second front (none of my units on the first front could be “sent”, and so my second front units perished without backup), I won overall dropping only 11 points, so S-Ranked anyway.

Another mission was far too easy, and involved capturing four towers in the corners of the map. Because I was quick, I managed to camp on the Black Hole factories, and the challenge in the end was to not let Black Hole die before I took over all the towers. Managed 300 points (the maximum) for that mission.

The final mission for today, and what seems to be the penultimate one in the game, was against Lord Von Bolt, who I am convinced is actually Sturm. We’ll see. He has a nasty move called Ex Machina, which not only heavily damages all units in a large area, but prevents them from moving or firing for a whole turn. Luckily, I had three teams, and despite it looking initially like I was going to lose (he had loads of cannons, and “healing crystals”), due to not much in the way of funds, he simply couldn’t build units as fast as I could blow them up. Some factory-sitting helped too, and soon I’d S-Ranked that one as well.

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  1. You can send units to the second front from bases/airports/ports and your HQ. I sent the anti-airs, rockets and missiles up to the second front on that volcano mission. Lost far too many units to the Neotank until I sent one of my own up there to finish him off, but in the end I didn’t need to wait for a Tag power to finish off the main front anyway. Got an S-rank too.

    Dr. Boggis

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