Chris still isn’t dead, it seems. Hungry, thirsty and dirty again, but not dead. Yet.

Sorted all that out and took him for a walk. We went to the park and played with the frisbee for a bit. On the way there, Chris found some rubbish and ate his way through it. Stupid dog.

With his new ubar-1337 phat frisbee mad skillz, I entered Chris into the Flying Disc competition. On his first go, he only managed 4 points, but on his second he got a huge 10 points – enough to make him joint winner of the Beginner Class, and net me $100 for fags and loose women. I then entered him into the Open Class of the agility contest, fully expecting to lose. He didn’t – scraping into 3rd, and getting another $60 and promotion to Expert Class next time. Hurrah!

To celebrate, I threw the frisbee at his face for a bit.

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