Advance Wars: Dual Strike: STRUCK DEAD!

Advance Wars: Dual Strike: STRUCK DEAD!


And… it was easy. Too easy. So easy, in fact, I was convinced there was going to be some surprise at the end. Well, there was, but it didn’t involve any more fighting or anything.

There were two fronts. I just let Rachel get on with the second front on her own, and she did a good job of seeing it off. That allowed me to concentrate on taking over towers and stuff on the main front. There was a Super Huge Oozium at the top of the map, which every so many turns spat out smaller Oozium. Two factories up there produced infantry every turn. I started in the middle, and sent some infantry down to the bottom of the map, to take over the 8924698234 cities there, while four enemy infantry that started there did the same. I sent a few helicopters to kill them off too, and soon Black Hole (or rather, Lord Von Bolt alone, by then) was limited to producing just light tanks and mech units due to lack of funds.

I, on the other hand, was producing a couple of Neotanks almost every turn, and soon enough fought my way through the by-now-numerous Oozium to splat the giant blob’s three weak points (exposed by the winning of the second front). With 7 days remaining on the clock, BANG. It was dead, and the game was WINNARRED!!!11! Got an S-Rank for that map, and an A-Rank for the entire campaign. Excelsior!

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