Pac ‘n Roll: ROLLED OVER!

Pac ‘n Roll: ROLLED OVER!

I went back to this today, and surprised myself by completing it. I was really plowing through the levels, and didn’t realise how many I’d completed, and suddenly I was on the end boss. Excellent!

Some of the levels today were pretty difficult, and I soon lost most of the 15-or-so lives I’d racked up earlier in the game. Specifically, there was a bit where you had to roll over a collapsing bridge, then back again, before it disappeared. At least, that’s what I thought you had to do. Turns out it reappears if you hang around for a bit. Ho hum.

The end boss battle was pretty hard too – mainly due to the number of times you actually had to kill him, and the difficulty in reaching power pellets. But I did it (on my last life), and he was deaded. TEH ENDAGE!

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