Pac’n Roll Remix (Switch): COMPLETED!

Pac’n Roll Remix (Switch): COMPLETED!

No, I have no idea why I played this either. It’s one of the games on the somewhat hit-and-miss Pac-Man Museum+ collection and although it’s not really bad, there’s nothing special about it. Not least because the USP of “stroking” Pac-Man with your Nintendo DS stylus in order to twang him around the levels is totally lost.

The boss levels are… sub par.

That’s said, I did enjoy most of it, aside from a couple of later levels where there are some nasty jumps-in-3D with no character shadow to assist with landing accurately and instant deaths if you don’t. That, and your dash move is incredibly fast and difficult to judge so more falling off the world and instantly dying. How I managed on the DS version back in 2005 I don’t know. In fact, aside from a hazy memory of the very first level, I had no recollection of any of the game at all.

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