With PS+ Premium comes a huge number of games you can “borrow”. A few of those are titles I was eyeing up to buy on the Switch, so I suppose I’ve saved a bit of money now I’ve got them on my PlayStation “for free”.

I Am Dead is one of those. It’s a hidden object game with a story and some quirks. Firstly, you’re dead (but then you surely guessed that from the title), and with the help of your talking dead dog, you explore the quaint little island you both used to live on probing the thoughts of those still alive, and then trying to find objects relating to other dead people in order to summon their souls. In a nice way.

The objects are usually hidden inside of things, but instead of opening doors, lifting flaps or pushing things out of the way in something like Hidden Folks, you sort of “slice” into them like those ham machines you get in the delicatessen. Find all five items and you can put the soul back together and have a chat with the deceased.

The ultimate aim is to find a replacement for the old island spirit, who has been preventing the local volcano from erupting for centuries but is now tired (or something) and the story follows both her past as a human and the past and present of the other islanders. Despite all the death and the pending apocalypse, it’s all very light hearted and the characters (and their voices) are excellent. It’s not a hard game and the only real puzzles are optional (where you find a “slice” of some scenery that matches a shape you’ve been given), but it’s nice. In the best way of calling something “nice”.

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