Another PS+ free rental, but a game I’ve nearly bought more than once elsewhere and actually own on PC (but I don’t have my Steam Deck yet to play it on!). Minit’s “thing” is that it’s a Zelda-ish game only you die every sixty seconds. Or sooner. And then you start again.

However, some things are persistent and you do reach respawn points and open shortcuts so dying isn’t really an inconvenience.

There’s a plot about having to go into some factory to destroy it, but most of what happens is irrelevant to that in any sort of meaningful way bar Metroidvania style map unlocking and progression. It’s a short game (as in, maybe a couple of hours rather than an actual minute), and isn’t very difficult, although I did get stuck trying to find a particular character because I hadn’t tried doing everything imaginable up until that point.

Cheap, short, fun.

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