StarBoy (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

StarBoy (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

While having a rummage through the various charidee bundles I’ve bought in the past for something to play, this caught my eye. I think it’s the way it’s superficially a bit like Minit and Gato Roboto, although it’s not really much like either of those games.

What it actually is, is a short platform, all in black and white, with a lot of wall jumping and some puzzles. These puzzles are mostly of the type where you have to take an object from one place to another, but often will be complicated with the main gimmick of the game – the way blocks appear or disappear when you light them up.

You see, there are various lights around which do this job, but sometimes you have to power them (or un-power them), and sometimes you have to charge yourself with a glow from a creature so you can leg it across some “invisible” platforms before the glow wears off.

It’s pretty clever, and a shame there’s not a few more levels because the full depth of this gameplay mechanic could be easily explored much further, I’m sure. But, y’know, it’s cheap and stuff so can’t complain!

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