Samsara Room (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Samsara Room (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

NameSamsara Room
DeveloperRusty Lake
PlatformPC, Mac, iOS, Android
Release DateFebruary 2017
WebsiteRusty Lake

Another rummage in my library, and up came this game. “Rusty Lake?” I thought. “Where have I heard that name before?”. Turns out, they also did The White Door, which I remember liking. Why not, eh?

It’s more abstract than that game, with very little in the way of words to help you. It’s essentially an Escape Room game, only something something something psyche something? I don’t know – there’s some symbolism and you turn into odd creatures and you have to collect shells or candles to get to the next room. Which is the same as the current room, only it’s like a parallel universe.

There are several of these room variants – like an upside down one and one where objects float in the air. Sometimes you need to solve a puzzle in one version of the room to make something happen in another version, so in that respect it’s a little like a very simplified and less brain-melty version of Gorogoa. That’s not a negative comment, I should point out.

I got stuck a few times, but it only took about an hour and a half to complete. That might sound short but that’s not the point, and it’s free. Free! Bargain.

(Oh, and check out that info box up there – WordPress AI created that for me. Not sure I’ll keep this sort of thing on other posts, but I’ll try it out for a bit.)

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