Rusty Lake Hotel (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Rusty Lake Hotel (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

It’s another Rusty Lake joint, like Samsara Room from the other day. It’s very similar in style, only the setting this time is, as the title might suggest, a hotel.

But not an ordinary hotel, oh no. This is one where a number of distinguished animal guests have been invited to attend several consecutive evenings of exquisite meals. Meals where one of the guests is the main course each night.

Your job is to kill each in turn, using standard point-and-click, escape room style mechanics. Poison a drink, behead an animal, that sort of thing, but how? By finding items and using them in clever ways in each one of the guest bedrooms. There’s the usual spotting patterns to trigger things type puzzles, finding keys, and so on, but with a macabre twist. It’s like Lord Winklebottom got a bit cannibally.

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