Button City (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Button City (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Button City is a cute little game about a fox who makes friends at a local arcade and becomes a member of a four player team of players of some sort of MOBA called “Gobabots”. The main plot is about trying to stop the arcade from being closed down, but there’s also story about the other characters in the game, many of whom have personal issues to overcome, and you can collect new robots to use as your avatar in the MOBA. Plus, you can actually play this team game and beat others to win prizes! The arcade also has a simple car racing game and a Dance Dance Revolution style machine you can play on (and challenge other characters at).

Much of Button City is spent doing simple fetch quests or helping folk out with tasks, like babysitting or passing notes between tenants in a block of flats, but the central Gobabots tournament also takes up much of the gameplay.

It’s full of quirky characters and sometimes very silly humour (a highlight being the Moustache Club), and I love the art style even if many of the reactions and expressions of characters appear to have been lifted directly from Animal Crossing. There’s a lot of depth and backstory to many of the animals you interact with and this gives them a lot of personality which really comes through even in the relatively short time the game lasts – around 6-7 hours.

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