The White Door (Mac): COMPLETED!

The White Door (Mac): COMPLETED!

The White Door (yet another bundle game) is a point and click adventure game, where reality and dreams blur together as you appear to be recovering from a traumatic event.

You’re staying in a sort of hospital, and each day you’re required to follow a schedule of eating, washing, using a computer, and so on. At night you relive what may or may not have happened to you and why you ended up in here in the first place.

Then, things happen. Are you dreaming? Have you gone mad? Are you being manipulated? Is the nurse who comes to check on you trying to get you to escape, or is this planned to see if you can unlock more memories. And why are the doctors so interested in your memories anyway?

Did I kill this woman? Did she even exist? Is it a dream or a memory?

It isn’t a very difficult game, beyond easily missing things to click on, but it’s definitely worth a play through.

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