Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

I bought a game in a pink box! Hurrah! And it’s so cute it makes you want to gouge your eyes out with a fork! BEST!

Played for about half an hour, which was long enough to complete the first 4 or 5 missions. Rescued Kitty’s mother, her sister, Purin, a frog thing, and Lala. It’s all very easy so far. And cute. Vomity-cute at that. I’ve even unlocked new costumes for Kitty – a denim one (complete with denim bow for her hair), a swimsuit, and a green “casual” costume. I’ve collected a load of coins, beaten up blocks, cylinders, blocks with periscopes, blocks that throw plates, and even blew up a tank (yes, a tank, in a Hello Kitty game) in the easiest boss level ever – all 36 seconds of it.

Have I mentioned how cute it is? Enough to make you sick.

I went to a fairground, and stopped the Coffee Cup Ride (I think Disney have trademarked Tea Cups), the ferris wheel, and a train. It was SUPARBEST. And cute. Bile-in-the-throat cute.

And Kitty arfs like a seal when she jumps, and squeaks when she skates. AND WAVES A WAND OF CUTENESS, that she beats people with. To kill them. In a cute way. Some of the people/animals/cute things that you rescue help you to, by being unbelievably cute at them. And throwing things.

It’s cute. Very cute.

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