After the usual stuff, I took Chris for the longest walk currently possible, past some of his favourite urinating spots, and let him have a play with Poppi and Casey. Although he doesn’t like Casey. But he does like Poppi.

He found a new toy – a rubber bone – on the walk too. At least he isn’t scared of that.

Tested him on his tricks again, and he simply refuses to Beg now. He’ll do everything else, but I tell him to Beg, and he just yaps at me and runs around for a bit. Is there a way of nailing him down?

Entered the Expert Frisbee contest again, and won. Then the Master contest, and won that too. Finally, he had a go in the Championship Class for the Frisbee Contest, and failed to rank, with a rubbish 16 points. The winner got 48 or something.

Threw the Bark Ball at his head for a few minutes as punishment.

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