Chris still isn’t dead, it seems. Hungry and thirsty again though, yes, but not dead. He wasn’t even that dirty for some reason. Washed him anyway.

Took him for a long walk then, and he met Poppi the Labrador. They had a bit of a yap at each other, but I dragged them apart and we carried on to the discount shop. There wasn’t anything new to buy there, though.

Entered Chris in the Open Class Flying Disc contest, where he picked up 9 points, but needed 12 to win. That dropped us back down to Beginner Class, but I entered him for that and walked off with $100 and first prize. BEST.

Taught Chris how to beg then, and re-taught him Shake as he’d forgotten it for some reason. Then I poked him in the face for a bit, but he wanted to sleep so I left him to it.

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