Even though I haven’t paid him any attention in a few days, Chris hadn’t died or run away or anything. He was, however, somewhat dirty, thirsty, and hungry. Anyone would think I didn’t look after him properly or something.

So, bought some shampoo and a brush suitable for long-haired dogs, and gave him a wash. Of course, I had to wake him up as he seems to go to sleep at 8pm. Fed and watered him, and then he was wide awake and running round. Make him “shake” and “roll over” a few times, and played with a frisbee. Decided to enter him into the “Flying Disc Beginner Competition”, in which he got 3 points. One point for catching the frisbee, and two for jump-catching it. Sadly, he needed 6 points to even rank, and 12 to win. Stupid dog.

As punishment, I made him wear a stupid red bow. He looks a bit gay now.

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