Stupid sleeping Chris had to be woken again today. I’m sure I’ll wake him one day and he’ll bite off my face or something.

Trained him for a bit, and taught him Jump and Spin. I also had to re-teach him Sit, as he refused to understand what I was saying to him.

Then I took him for a walk, which went on for ages as he stopped every five seconds and refused to move any further. Shouting his name and prodding him with the stylus didn’t seem to make any difference either. Walked to the Discount Shop, which sadly wasn’t a haven of exciting doggie treats and toys, but was just the pet shop again, only with slightly cheaper prices.

Entered Chris into the Flying Disc contest again, where he racked up a massive nil points. Excellent. Moved on to the Obedience Contest then, twice, getting about 6.50 points the first go, and 8.60 (and second place) in his second attempt. The judges were clearly impressed with his jumping and spinning mad skillz. That netted me a whopping $50.

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