First thing for today, as every day, was feeding and watering. Then, I checked to make sure Chris could still remember all his tricks, only to find he’d forgotten “Sit” again, so I had to teach him it again. Well, taught him “Sit Down” as that seemed to be recognised more easily.

Out for a walk then, and he found a red polka dot ribbon on the way. Gay-tastic!

Found another pet shop, and this one sold milk and canned food, so picked up some of them. Chris seems better behaved on his walks now, and needs less strangling and kicking to actually walk places.

Entered him into a few contests. First up was the Beginner Agility one, which he won with ease. Then it was on to the Open Obedience contest, where he did really well up until being told to “Spin” for 5 seconds. No idea how to make him do that. He was knocked back down to Beginner Obedience as a result. Ah well, I got $100 from the Agility contest, so that was OK.

Gave him some milk then, as he was thirsty, and had to finish as my DS battery was on it’s way out. I think Ouendan has overworked it somewhat these past couple of days.

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