Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

More photos to take, and met up with Black Cat again (for the third time, I think now). She’s bloody irritating, as you have to chase her across the rooftops every time. After beating some crooks up, it was over to see Mary-Jane, and quickly off to the cinema.

Chapter 7, and Quentin Beck challenged Spider-Man to a duel-of-sorts, which was much like the TV programme Gladiators. Firstly, I had to catch criminals and throw them into holes, then I had to do an assault course. It was all very easy.

The next chapter involved getting to a theatre to see the “beginnings” of Mysterio, AKA Quentin Beck, again. He’d set fire to the place, and I had to rescue all the reporters who has been sent there, and blow up some UFOs. The best bit, was upon Mysterio’s defeat, he says something about his “alien forces” coming to destroy the Statue of Liberty, and then says “You have no chance to survive, make your time!” – an All Your Base reference. Oh my – my first AYB mention in this diary.

So, off to the statue, swinging from (conveniently placed) UFO to UFO across to Liberty Island, and then destroyed some orbs stationed around the now deformed Lady Liberty.

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