Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

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I can’t believe I say that yesterday and then make the SAME mistake AGAIN. Rubbish! There’s a Magic Door I can now get through, but didn’t as I had to go back and tool up. And stuff. So forgot about it. Again.

And in there, was a very simple to kill boss, who, yes, I was right, jumped in and out of a mirror, whilst using other mirrors to shoot lasers at me. And with him dead, I had to kill him again. Only he was bigger (and therefore easier to hit). Gained his soul (“Paranoia”) and now I too can pop in and out of mirrors. Used this ability to go a few places I couldn’t previously, and got myself some new armour and stuff.

Then it was back off up to Dario again, who I killed again. Stupidly, you’re not supposed to, it seems, as I just got the same bad ending as previously. I tried again, and this time ignored him and just leapt into the quantum lea^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmirror and found a giant fire demon. Thankfully, he was really easy to kill too, and on his death (and his Soul reaped), I went back through the mirror to watch Dario keel over and die. Hurrah!

But! It isn’t over yet! I gained another Magic Seal (which is even more horribly complicated than the last) and was told to meet Celia in the middle bit of the map where I haven’t yet been able to get through. I went off there, and she was holding Soma’s girlfriend Mina captive, and then killed her. Soma went nuts, and was possessed by the Dark Lord soul (or something) and became the Dark Lord, killing Celia, and ending the game. Erm, whoops.

Luckily, the “epilogue” explained what I should have done, so tried again and did that instead. This time, I didn’t become the Dark Lord, but instead Dmitrii entered the body of Mina (who was actually a fake Mina, it seems) and ran off with Celia. I followed, and it was into the basement of a tower, where I previously couldn’t reach. The baddies in there were pretty hard compared to previously, and there was another boss (Death) who was actually quite difficult to kill. After him, it was into The Abyss, where I died.

I really should go back and get more potions anyway, I think, since I used loads on Death, and I suspect there’ll be no route back from The Abyss.


  1. I found you because I did a search for C:DoS map and mirrors, hoping to find a reliable map that showed all the mirror locations.

    I’ve been working my way through the game and can’t seem to get into the section in the bottom left of the map.

    If youu have any advice for a good mirror map or how to get into the bottom left, please let me know. My e-mail is Please contact me there, since I found your site quite by accident.

  2. to get in the bottem left you need the Bone ark soal. Then you can go across the spikes. Or swim over with the fish boss’s soal of, stand on the platfoarm, put on the fish boss soal, put on skeliton ape + puppit master and throw the doll.


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