Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue

Gasp! I seem to have done loads more on Lost in Blue this afternoon. Not least:

Finished my raft. The hardest bit was actually finding enough logs, as they don’t spawn all that often and they’re pretty rare. Needed about 12 in total, and you only get them at a rate of one or two a day, if you’re lucky.

The raft took me across the lake, to a place where there was another cave, some hot springs (where you can relax your tiredness away), a huge cave with a maze in it, and a stone wall with two switches in it. Yes, two. So I needed to bring Skye the ten million miles from our cave to the switches. Which took AGES as you have to help her up and down every step, over every jump, and you can’t run with her or her stamina drops like a rock. Luckily, once you’ve stepped on the switches, you magically teleported back to the cave.

Went to scallop-and-bamboo cove, and found out why I hadn’t actually found it before – you can only get in at low tide. And out too, as I found and then had to wait there all night for the tide to go out again. Tch.

Stocked up on food, firewood and water for Skye, as I suspected I’d be away for a while in the maze cave. Also built the final shelving unit which allowed me to store more for her. Then, set off to the maze again.

It was a pretty simple (although quite large) maze, and the other side was a huge temple type place. And here is where the entire game, which I have been enjoying so far, suddenly became crap. People who read this diary regularly will have noticed my rant a few months ago when playing the Xbox Broken Sword game. Well, it applies here too. My least favourite gameplay mechanic EVER, and they wedged it into Lost in Blue. They didn’t even try to disguise it. It’s there, over and over again (so not even spaced out throughout the game) in this temple. Gah!

What gameplay mechanic is that? Damn crate puzzles, that’s what! I’m not playing Sokoban, so I don’t want them here! They INSTANTLY make a game rubbish.

Have done four “screens” or so of them. I hope there aren’t many more. It isn’t that they’re difficult – as they’re not (well, not so far, and not in Broken Sword either), they’re just a tedious way of eking out the play time.

Anyway, I suspect I’m reaching the endgame now. No more crates, please.


  1. You need to draw the shape that appears, only draw it on the left of the screen and don’t go outside of the box. And draw it the moment it starts to fall, and before it hits the ground.

    It’s pretty easy after a while. You might want to try quicksaving before you try though, so you don’t waste rope and logs and stuff if you mess it up!

  2. I found that i had to do it in the square when the picture (or shape) appears and do it quickly – save before you build and that way if you dont make it, then turn off the DS and then back on and try again – practice makes perfect.
    Btw, i am up to where you take skye to the temple and i have just gone up the inital stairs into the room before the two switches and i cant get her down to go through the door!!! How can i get her down off the ledge?? Help anyone!


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