Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue

Getting on quite well with my raft. I’ve built the first two-of-six “parts” for it, and have everything I need for the next one or two parts. There seems to be a bit of a shortage of logs, though.

My fishing rod is great. I can catch one fish now which practically gives me an entire day’s required eating. I went hunting for deer, but missed it with my arrows, and then it ran away. Found what looked like a goat too, but missed that as well.

Found a new area as well, where there are lots of scallops and stacks of bamboo. And it is right near the start too, so god knows how I missed it.

In the plains, near the old building that I can’t get into, there was a “slate”, which appears to have improved Skye’s cooking ability. Which is nice.


  1. How does the game compare to Stranded Kids? Loads better, worse, just prettier, completely different? Seems that there’s more to do here than in the ol’ GBC forgotten gem.

  2. The beginning of the game is a lot more forgiving than Stranded Kids, where I died after less than three days every go for about 10 goes. I did that once with Lost in Blue.

    There seems to be more to it as well, and the hinting and fishing bits are more like minigames than chores. Having the second character is irritating to begin with, but actually makes the boring daily routine bearable, as the stoking of the fire, making of rope, etc. can be done by her automatically.

    Of course, graphically it is far better too, and being able to have a map up at the same time as wander round is a big help.


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