Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue

Caved in and started playing this, even though I still have other games on-the-go.

It is basically a DS “re-imagining” of the GBC game Stranded Kids. And it is pretty good, if not more than a little frustrating.

On my first go, I died before getting anywhere. I have now managed to make it through to day 9 on the island, finding the girl Skye, building a fire every day, making assorted “recipes” which offer little or no nutritional value, exploring until I’m tired each day (which, currently, is about 10 seconds after waking up), and generally only just managing to survive until bedtime. I need a stick to make a spear, but can’t find one. I did find some bamboo, which Skye made into a basket animal trap thing, so I set it outside our cave. After two days of nothing caught, the basket vanished, and I can’t find any more bamboo to make another. Bah.

I’ve also been experimenting with mushrooms. White = Good, Brown = Bad. Purple, red, blue or yellow = Really Bad, but I’m not sure which one exactly as I cooked them all together.

Also: how did I manage to make coconut and crab omelette, with no crab and no eggs?


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