Sonic Gems

Sonic Gems

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It seems I unlocked Vectorman without trying, and without playing anything, to start with. Didn’t choose that first though, instead playing Sonic the Fighters, which isn’t great. I never played it in the arcade, but I think it is based on the Virtua Fighter game engine, or something. Played through as Sonic, relishing punching Tails in his stupid bloody face, but was defeated by Nack, who has a gun and so I can’t get within a mile of him.

Sonic R next, which looks nicer than I recall the Saturn version looking. Played the first track a few times, and got the emerald on it too, but didn’t win so lost it again. At least, I think that is why.

The Sonic Game Gear games are crap. The Master System versions were always better, as you could see more than three pixels in front and below you, so I don’t know why Sega put the Game Gear versions in. Tails Adventures is especially rubbish.

Had a quick go of Vectorman then, and it seems the same as it ever was. Not really my sort of game, but still looks good and plays well even now.

And then… Sonic CD. And… it is great. Just like it always ever was. Except for just one thing – it has the US version music, not the PAL/Japanese version music. The “Past!” and “Future!” samples are missing too. It might not sound like a lot, but it has basically ruined one of the best games ever for me. Sega need to be shot. I’m going to go and have a little cry now. And possibly buy the Japanese version of Sonic Gems

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