Gunstar Super Heroes

Gunstar Super Heroes

So I decided to start again, and this time play through as Blue. Not that it made a huge amount of difference, as it was still pretty hard. Did manage to get all the way up to the final boss, however. Not really sure how that happened.

At least, I think he’s the final boss. He looks like him. And he’s hard. Very hard. And I had to re-kill all of the previous bosses again, one after another, before getting to him. But! It wasn’t a SuckySuck(TM) bit, since all the bosses, although the same people as earlier in the game, attacked completely differently. So that was OK then!

It was still a Treasure Trademark Boss-a-thon though, which left me with just 6 health at the end boss. And that’s where my saved game is too, so every time I load the saved game, I have 6 health, Golden Silver breathes vaguely in my direction, and I die. Pff.

I’ve played enough video games now to bet that there’s someone else to kill after him too…

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