Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS

Played through all of the “new” Cups on 50cc mode today, getting a Star Rank (and maximum points) for all of them. I’ve unlocked a new character as a result, it seems. And hurrah – there’s a Star Road track!

After that, I played the lovely Choobs over t’tinternet. Sadly, he was rubbish, and I thrashed the living pants out of him. Well, he won one of the eight races, but only by a whisker. And I was playing it with my feet.

No doubt he’ll claim he’d never played it before. Or he’s blind. Or his DS was in another room and he had to control it by shouting commands to one of his family members who was holding it. Upside down.

He’s such a liar.

Anyway. People who wish to challenge me can add this Friend Code to their list: 189 038 365 126


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