Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS

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First off, I completed all of the rest of 100cc Mode, getting A-or-above ranks on each and every cup. Then, I played the first Cup on 150cc. It didn’t actually seem to be a great deal harder, in fact, but I did drop to third at the end of the final race so got “just” 36 points instead of 40.

Then, it was ONLINE TIME. First race was versus three random people. One quit after losing the first race, and I came first overall out of the rest of us. After that, I played Kramer (from of off assorted places), and beat him easily. Then, Chibi and Vitani joined us for another game. I was winning after two races, but the three of them ganged up on me on the last corner of the last lap of the third race, making be come last. EVIL. Luckily, I came second in the final race so got a respectible 28 points overall, putting me second. Poor Kramer dragged in last with just 7, and Vitani won with 31.

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