Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS


Ahem. First port of call when I turned it on was the Nintendo WFC section. It took a few seconds to configure, and then I was playing online against a load of random people.

And it was ACEBEST. Had two full matches (4 tracks each), and came 2nd overall on the first one, and then 1st overall on the second. Not bad, considering I hadn’t even played single player mode at that point so knew very few of the tracks.

Then I had a go on single player, and completed the first Cup on 50cc mode. Got a Star Rank for it too. It was very easy, but then, I expected it to be.

Finally, I had a go at the first few missions on Mission Mode. They were all of the “collect X of Y in Z seconds!” type, but pretty good anyway.


  1. I hate you so much.

    So, so much.

    Tesco better get mine to me on Friday… which isn’t going to happen. Argh!

    Oh, does it have to detect the network or can you enter the name? I keep mine closed.

    The Rev

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