Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Sunday morning is the day the Sow Joan comes and sells turnips. Turnips for you to buy, and sell on the Stalk Market, hopefully for a huge profit. You may notice that “Sow Joan” sounds like “Dow Jones” and “Stalk” is like “Stock”. This is no coincidence.

After searching the whole of Cheese three times, I finally found here. I had enough bells to buy 90 turnips at 104 bells each, which is a bit more than I was hoping for. Still, there’s a chance they’ll sell for up to 832 bells at some point this week, and I can always visit someone else if they have a high sale value in their town.

Also this morning, I did an errand for Apollo, and bumped into another new resident in my town – Caroline the Squirrel. Shot down a present (which turned out to be a clock) with the slingshot Stejay gave me yesterday. Had three letters in the post as well, all with presents from assorted people in other towns. One was a toilet. Er, thanks. Probably.

Planted a couple of apple trees too, but I really need an axe now as some of the trees need to be cut down to make for a better tree arrangement. I’m running out of space to plant trees at the moment.

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