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I completed this many years ago on the Amiga, and thought it was pretty good back then. I’ve just been playing (and completing) it on Capcom Classics Collection on the Xbox, and the arcade version is about ten billion times better. The controls, the animation, the sound – everything.

I suppose that’s what you’d expect, but still…

Anyway, the final boss was actually one of the easier ones in the game. Three Andores at the same time, with assorted fat men and kicking girlies wasn’t easy at all. No.

It was interesting to see the baddies and levels which were later used in the Street Fighter Alpha games – Rolento and Sodom, obviously, but also the lift level Rolento is on, and outside a nightclub too.


  1. Sounds intact. The worst exmaple of censorship on the GBA version is after the car smashing bonus section where the guy breaks down and says “Oh, my car!”, instead of “Oh my God!”.

    Steve Jackson

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