Sonic Rush: RUSHED!

Sonic Rush: RUSHED!

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Had just one attempt this time, and it was enough! Was out of rings with just one hit left to land, and I although I had no idea what he was doing, he pretty much killed himself. EXCELLENTIA.

So, he’s defeated, the cut scene with the now traditional Amy-chases-Sonic bit was shown, and then the credits rolled.

As well as being completed, Sonic Rush marks the 52nd game I’ve completed since I started this gaming diary back in January. That’s 52 games in less than 52 weeks. I do play a lot of games, don’t I? 🙂


  1. Bloody Hell! 52 games! I play alot of games I suppose, but complete few 🙂 Im lucky if I get 6 in a year! 😀 Although im chaging this habbit slowly and think I have down 8 – 10 this year. Well Done!

  2. Yeah, well. After buying almost 700 games last year and completing less than 10, I wanted to re-address the balance and have made a concerted effort to complete games this year. I think I’ve bought about 150 games, and completed 52, so that’s a pretty good ratio.


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