Touch de Rakushou Pachi-Slot Rio de Carnival

Touch de Rakushou Pachi-Slot Rio de Carnival

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Yes. It really is called that. And I haven’t got much of an idea as to what I’m actually doing in the game, as it is all in Japanese. I know it’s mostly a fruit machine game, but the top screen keeps doing things and people appear and twirl their moustashes or jiggle their breasts (as gender dictates), and sometimes I have to play blackjack at the same time as playing the slots and it all gets very confusing!

I did manage to unlock a few things in the galleries, by playing for a while, and playing the “spot the difference”, blackjack, and Rub It! mini-games. One of the pictures is of a naked devil woman. Much like the naked devil women from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, in fact. Excellent.

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