Touch de Rakushou Pachi-Slot Rio de Carnival

Touch de Rakushou Pachi-Slot Rio de Carnival

Still not entirely sure what I’m actually doing in this game, and I don’t understand why I keep getting “Bonus”, “Reg Bonus” and “Big Bonus” rounds where I seem to win every single spin of the wheels.

Anyway, I somehow unlocked the next rounds of Blackjack, Spot-the-Difference, and Rub It! mini-games, so completed them. And lo – another naked girlie is unlocked, amongst other pictures.

How rude.

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  1. Hello deKay!
    I imported this Videogame, too. And until now, I wasn’t able to unlock the next minigames as well. Do you have any idea how it worked in your case?
    Maybe I forget to look back here again… I’d like to receive Mails from anyone who can tell me how to unlock the minigames and pictures:


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