Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

After the success of last weekend’s Hawking, I started up this one today. Well, since American Wasteland is out now, I’d better get on it anyway.

You start off in the Warehouse. Again. Never seen that level in a TH game before. Racked up most of my stats while I was there, and did the “training” things, which were somewhat menial given the number of TH games I’ve played over the years. “Perform three Ollies!”. How difficult.

Then moved on to Boston, where there is a bar called Jeers. Ohohohoho. And Jesse James, with his rocket-powered Segway thing. And you can skate as Ben Franklin. I have no idea why.

Finished enough of the goals to progress to the next level, but haven’t moved on just yet.

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