Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Moved on to Barcelona, and completed enough goals there to move on. Some were pretty rubbish, and Steve-O on his Rodeo Bull was just ridiculous. Not really liking it as much as THUG at the moment. Perhaps I should have played Classic Mode and not Story Mode. Ah well.

Then it was off to Berlin, and despite the racial stereotypes grating after about five seconds (and the worst faux-German accents ever), I’ve only got a couple more goals to do. Grafitting the roof of a church was a little strange, and the odd neon mice in the nightclub are somewhat disturbing.

I can’t figure out how to grafitti tag the billboard, though. I can’t stand directly in front of it, as it is too high, and if I try to tag while jumping, I switch to a grind instead. Hmm.

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