Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Forced (hah!) myself back onto this today. I haven’t played in a few days and if I leave it to “sit” for too long I know I’ll just forget about it and it’ll be impossible to get back in.

So, I’m on Korriban, and I entered the Sith Academy there. Uthar (the leader of the academy) says I have to prove myself to him, by doing tasks and finding artifacts and stuff. One of the other masters has asked if I want to team up with her “when the time comes” to kill Uthar, but I haven’t specifically accepted yet.

My missions, then, involved “killing” some rogue students in a cave (I let them go and said they were dead), killing loads of droids in a tomb (which was easy), kill Uthar’s old master (who kidnapped me), and find a sword in another tomb. Yes. It was just like Tomb Raider. Or perhaps Tomb Wraider, as there were a load of wraids in the tombs. Oho.

After that, it was back to Uthar who was impressed enough to take me on the final test before I can become a Sith. Into the tomb of Naga Sadow (alone), and I’ve done one room so far, with a Towers of Hanoi puzzle in it. There were also millions of wraids, and then, in another room, two huge baddies. Which killed me. Bah.

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