Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Killed the two thingies that beat me earlier, and picked up some special magic grenades. Used one to get past an acid pool, found the Star Map and a lightsaber, and came out again to find Uthar (who wanted me to kill Yuthura) and Yuthura (who wanted me to kill Uthar). I said I’d kill neither, so they both attacked me and I killed them both.

Then it was back to the academy, where EVERYONE tried to kill me, and finally I left Korriban on the Ebon Hawk to head to the Star Forge System.

Once there, I had a dogfight again, and then we crashed on a planet. Killed some locals, and also some cloaked Mandalorians and some huge rancors. Found some ship parts, and saved the game for now. I’m some 30 1/2 hours in. Surely there can’t be much left now, can there?

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