Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

With Bastila rescued, it was off to the Cantina (as suggested by her) to find someone to help us all escape Teris. And lo, there was Canderous, who said he could get us a ship if we got him the Sith codes to get out of orbit. The codes being in the Sith base, of course.

Firstly, I needed a droid. Went and threatened to kill the woman selling droids (yay! Dark Side points!) and she let me have a T3-M4, just the job for picking the lock to the base. Once inside, there were plenty of Sith to kill, and things to collect. It was pretty simple to complete though, even the boss at the end being fairly easy (especially with the multitude of booster thingies I gave my party).

Back to Canderous, stopping off to play cards on the way (and losing) and he joined my party. Then it was off to see Davik, who allowed us to say in his base whilst he “checked out” my background, before I joined his crime syndicate. Had a quick “massage” from a slave girl, and then set about finding a way to steal Davik’s spaceship. Which wasn’t too hard, even though I almost killed my entire party by overloading a computer terminal. Oops.

Had to kill Davik and his henchman Calo Nord then. Well, killed Davik and the Sith inadvertently killed Calo. Stole the ship, and left Taris. Just in time, it seemed.

Then there was a space shooty bit (which was rubbish and easy) and we landed on Dantooine. Met with the Jedi Council there, which suggest I “have the Force” or something. ULTIMATE POWAAR!!!

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