Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Rancor SLAIN! Hurrah! It turns out (look away for minor spoiler) if you put the odour vial you pick up just before him into a corpse in front of him, along with a frag mine, the idiot ignores you and eats the mine. And bang!

After that, I was into the Black Vulkar base, which unsurprisingly, was full of Black Vulkars. Who all tried to kill me. Worked my way through it, disabled the turrets guarding the lift to the lower level, killed more guards and droids, and then came across an important looking Vulkar and killed him. Picked up the accelerator parts for the Swoop Bike, and got out of there and back to the Hidden Beks base.

Once there, I entered the Swoop Bike “race”, which wasn’t a race, more a time trial. And it was all in a straight line, so more like a drag race. But not a race. If you see what I mean. And it was the easiest thing EVAR, and I won.

Brejik, leader of the Black Vulkars, decided that I’d clearly lost, and denied me the “prize” of Bastila. So she broke free and we killed him. Hurrah! Then it was all back to our apartment for tea and cakes.

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