Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Entered the Dueling thingie, and defeated Deadeye, some other useless bloke, and Ice. Did have a go at fighting the next guy up, but he was a bit too strong for me at the moment, so I’ll come back later.

Managed to get myself into the Lower City, and fought off a load of the Black Vulkars. After visiting the Cantina down there, and getting involved in some bounty huntering and stuff, I worked my way into the Hidden Becs base. There I was told I need to get into the Black Vulkar base, and I need Mission (a girl I ran into in the Cantina) to help me.

Then I had to go into the Undercity, under the Lower City. There was a village there, with some villagers infected by the “rakghoul” disease. And, upon leaving the relative safety of the village in search of the crashed escape pods. Found one, and also found Mission, who had lost her Wookee friend. Also found some Rakghoul Serum, which I took to the hospital to have it copied and released to everyone. I’m so good. Light Side points a-plenty!

Back down into the Undercity, and further down, down, deeper and down into the sewers. Some big nasty drunt things lived down there, and also Mission’s captured Wookee. Rescued him, and he joined my party. Further exploration of the sewers put me in the path of a giant Rancor.

Who killed me. And my party. In one hit. Boo!

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