Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

I’ve had this game for some time, and have intended to play it many times before, but never got round to it. So today, I finally stuffed it in my Xbox and gave it a go.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting. Some kind of “normal” RPG, like Final Fantasy or something, I suppose, but in fact it is much more like Anarchy Online. Only not online. Or multiplayer. But it is similar, if a bit cut-down.

Chose my character (a male soldier), set his stats to be roughly level, and gave him dual weapon skillz. Escaped from the ship at the start of the game, and my escape pod crashed on Taris. Wandered around and made a few friends and enemies in the city, and have a few missions to do now – find a serum, interrogate my companion Carth Onasi, and other stuff. I need to get into the Lower City to do almost anything, it seems. I have stolen a Sith patrol uniform, which should help.

Bought a droid from a dodgy droid shop, and it blew up. Got myself a refund, though. I think I could have made more of the refund demandage, though.

I’m now into the Cantina, where I think I need to enter some kind of contest, and there’s some old guy trying to sell me some gambling cards.

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