Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

With nothing else to do on Yavin (not Yarin, as I said yesterday), I left and went to Kashyyyk. Or however you spell it. Once there, it made sense to have my Wookiee, Zaalbar, in my party, what with it being Wookieeworld and all.

It seems the Czerka Corporation is selling Wookiees off as slaves, and Zaalbar’s brother (chieftain of the Wookiee village) is allowing it. Tch.

So, lots done here. Found the village, went into the “Shadowlands” on the forest floor. Met an old Jedi called Jolie Bindo (no, really) and then set about killing lots of stuff down there. Helped Jolie out (by getting rid of poachers) and he joined my party. Lightsabers agogo with my character wielding two, Bastila with a double-ended lightsaber, and Jolie with two as well. All different colours.

Then it was off to find Zaalbar’s dad, who wanted me to kill a big beast thing. Found it, and killed it with ease. There was a sword stuck in it which could restore order to the Wookiees.

After that, I found the Star Map, and went back up “topside” and back to the village. Zaalbar’s family had a bit of an argument, which resulted in his brother’s death, and then all hell broke loose with the Czerkas being kicked off the planet. Hurrah!

Saved and quit (some 20 1/2 hours in now), and it’ll be off to another planet next, I think.

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