Super Mario Ball (GBA)

Super Mario Ball (GBA)

Decided to have another crack at the end of game boss. And failed. Again. Gah.

The main problem is hitting him invariably sends Mario rebounding down directly between both flippers, giving you no chance to survive (make your time – ©AYB 1997). And then you have to start killing him again. I can only get two hits in (I assume he needs three, going off other bosses) before the blue pipe barrier is gone and I fall through the hole accidently. Grr.

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  1. I beat him eventually with help from items (a double lightning if I remember correctly), but I have been unable to beat him in time attack mode, where there are no items. Also, (slight spoiler coming up)

    After you hit Bowser 3 times, he rolls into a ball and you have to flip him out of the room while also keeping Mario out of the hole. It sucks.

    Also, I am online playing Mario Kart pretty much every evening from 6.40 onwards. 090 255 381 818 if you want a match. This is me, throwing down the gauntlet!


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